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IT Services Price List

Most of Bad Dog Computing’s pricing is flat fee based. I want my clients to know what they will have to pay ahead of time to make an already bad situation a little less stressful. However it may not always be clear which category your service call will fall into, that’s why all assessments are free.

Bad Dog Computing also offers service plans for home and business users. Scroll down for pricing. 

Single Incident Pricing

Remote assist, quick issue: $35
Issues that can be fixed in under 30 minutes remotely. 

"Get it Working" Flat Rate Service
This is a flat fee to fix most issues, such as virus removal, blue screen, hardware failure, system optimizations, etc. Labor for hardware replacement is included, however hardware is extra. 
At your home or business: $125
In-Store: $89

New computer setup and file transfer: $115
Physically setup a new computer
Install 3rd party applications (most covered)
Network settings, shared folders, etc.
Configure printers
Transfer files and settings from previous computer or backup.

Add-on Services: $25
If we are already working on your computer, it may be a good time to take care of some other issues at the same time. This includes recurring backup, wireless router setup, a quick issue with another computer or device, 3rd party software setup. 

Per job basis.

The above pricing does not include servers. Server quoted on a case by case basis due the wide range of applications, operating systems and possible issues. Typically add $50 due to the additional testing and rush nature of server issues.

#Proactive IT Service Plans

Things break, stop working, or simply get screwed up. When that happens you either need to fix the problem in house or call a technician to fix it. Many companies have tech savvy employees that can take care of most 
issues, but you don’t hire a sales rep to fix computers. Do they really have time to troubleshoot a computer 

Your business likely relies on computers and your network on a daily basis. If even one device goes down the lost productivity can be very expensive. Proactive IT services will save your business money, keep your equipment up and running, and increase productivity. When computers are running a littler slower, it’s not seen as an emergency. But waiting an extra 5 or 10 seconds for every task can add up to many hours of lost productivity each month.

All plans include an initial system optimization, virus removal, at recurring backup setup. 

Home Plan:
Monthly Fee: $25
Service Calls: $35
Preventative maintenance, smoother running computer, discounted service calls, peace of mind. 
A tech will conduct a system check every 6 months. Not an automated program. 

Basic Plan: 
Monthly Fee: $35
Service Calls: $35
Home plan plus:
Monitoring of computer resources, backup status, and virus protection status to identify and prevent problems.
Review of system logs to identify issues. Correct basic issues for free. 
Quarterly system checkup

Plus Plan: 
Monthly Fee: $60
Service Calls: $25
Home and Basic plus:
Fix advanced errors found in system logs. 
Bimonthly system checkup. 

Premier Plan: 
Monthly Fee: $99
Service Calls: Free
Home, Basic, plus plans plus:
Monthly System Checkups
Highest priority response.